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Gillette ‘No More Blades’ ad – Sheffield special?

In Advertising, Marketing on January 22, 2011 at 5:14 pm

Driving down Attercliffe in Sheffield today I glanced a new billboard ad for Gillette razors, seemingly taking the mick out of their own propensity  to add more and more blades, and the slogan mentioned something about adding ‘no more blades’

I can’t find any reference to this specific ad online, although it does seem Gillette are pushing an ironic self-depricating campaign (’80_blade_razor’_spoof_ad)

The thing that struck me was the danger of using a ‘blades’ reference in Sheffield (Blades is the nickname of Sheffield United), and in a two club city at that.  It’s either a subtle regional version or, most likely, a national campaign which they’ve not realised might have regional problems. If the phrasing is as I thought as I drove by and glanced it, they may find problems selling whatever the new product is to half of the city.

If anyone else has seen this ad and can remember the exact wording please let me know.

However, I do like the acknowledgement that their product development had become stale and ridiculous – give me features that make sense, not just extra blades!  I never went past Mach 3 as I never saw the point.  Apparently, if humans had 3 legs, they would actually run slower – all razor manufacturers should take note.