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Portas’ Pointless Premise

In Marketing, TV on January 21, 2011 at 9:38 pm

Just watching first episode of Mary Portas’ new series, and she’s tearing apart Primark for customer service. It’s Primark, not fricking Harrods!

Just as RyanAir have an air of almost deliberate disdain for customers to try and hammer home the message that all their effort is going into saving you money, so too Primark.

She complains about there being no assistant and long queues, but in my experience Primark put all their staff on the tills, so at least the queues move quickly.

Also, the piles of clothes heaped high could even be deliberate – encouraging the frenzied rummage mentality that gives Primark a hysteria at times, which then encourages people to shop and shop and shop.

I like Portas, but she’s being deliberately obtuse here.

Only 10 mins in though, so maybe I shouldn’t judge!