Misleading Movie Trailer update – Black Swan

In Advertising, Marketing, Movies, TV on January 27, 2011 at 9:44 pm

Quick post about Black Swan as I noticed today there is a new UK TV trailer out, clearly following the recent BAFTA and Oscar nominations, which is very different to the trailer that was out a few weeks back.

Can’t find them on YouTube, but the original UK TV trailer painted it like a psychological thriller/horror about split personalities, which I understand is pretty much the gist of the film.

This new trailer features much more brightly lit scenes, and features the dance much more heavily, clearly looking to position it nearer to Fame or Strictly Ballroom than Carrie or Blair Witch etc…

Has the film suddenly changed overnight? Doubt it – this is a film by the guy that made Requiem for a Dream, widely recognised as the most depressing film ever made. If a Glee fan goes by accident their head might explode.

  1. There are also two posters, one for bus stops [with Portman’s face badly photoshopped with a crack across it] and one for independent cinemas [a cubist painting fo a dancer transforming into a swan]. Very odd, I haven’t seen the most googlable one – with the red eyes – in person.

    • Interesting. As much as I have been having a go at misleading movie advertising, there’s nothing wrong with advertising differently to different audiences, and there is an array of posters for this film, none of which say anything about the plot of the movie, almost as if the only thing they think they can sell on is Natalie Portman and a bit of indie chic (generated by the cubist posters.

      Here’s a selection of posters for this movie from the internet (not sure which got released and which didn’t). The one you reference with the cracked face is by far the worst, and by far the most common, and this trades on Portman as the star. The arty ones are pretty cool though, but also shows where they thought the original audience (correctly) lay.
      The arty posters:
      Arty posters
      The others:
      Mainstream poster
      Mainstream poster

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